Our Story


Luca Santella, architect and Olympic sailing champion, designed an original never-seen-before motoryacht for the owner of the 50’ sailing boat he was skippering. It was a one-of-a-kind 55’, completely original, far from any traditional known shape, out of the ordinary, full of ideas, stylistic and functional innovations, new forms and original suggestions for life on board.

The boat, as a one-off called Luja 55’, appeared at the Monaco Yacht Show and was published by all the major boating magazines and aroused some curiosity to the most attentive observers of nautical developments. One of the most attentive was Carlo C. Bonomi, who had seen the boat in a magazine.

Entrepreneur, offshore champion, financier, with vast economic interests in Spain and Italy, majority shareholder of Seatek the Italian company that produces the only high performance diesel engines designed specifically for yachting, he contacted Santella to deepen the outlines of that boat and decided to start a shipyard with him. In this way Bluegame was born.

From the original design, with the help of Louis T. Codega, better known as Lou, a well reputed naval engineer, designer of many successful hulls among which are the typical deep V Carolina style fishermans, the Cabo 45 and the Blue Ribbon Trophy record winner 222’ Destriero built by Fincantieri and patronaged by Gianni Agnelli and Prince Karim Aga Khan, Bluegame developed its first model, a 47’.
The first of a kind of new generation of yachts born for the Bluegamers.

In 2018 a new chapter of Bluegame story started with the entry of Sanlorenzo in the shareholding of the company.